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Lesley Logan teaches classical Pilates classes in Los Angeles, California, at a number of different locations. She offers private sessions, semi-private sessions, duos, mat classes and retreats. Lesley also coaches Pilates instructors on how to build their clientele, and studio owners on growing their businesses.

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Premier theatre chain with 11 locations in Montana and Idaho.  Polson Theatres – The Digital Movie Experience!

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Imagine a warm Caribbean afternoon, kissed by the sun, while mango trees sway in a soothing tropical breeze. Scents of luscious fruits and exotic flowers take you back to paradise, rejuvenate your senses, and refresh your soul.

Each and every itiba product draws upon a long Caribbean tradition of natural beauty, skin healing treatments, the bounty of nature, a LOVE OF LIFE and a LOVE OF PEOPLE. Honoring the wide diversity of the islands that embrace all people, cultures, religions, genders and ages, itiba is a colorful collection of handcrafted blends for achieving the beautiful, refreshed glow of “Caribbean Skin” for all.

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Michelle has over a decade of experience in voiceover acting for tv & radio commercials, corporate training programs, voicemail/on-hold systems, audiobooks, podcasts and more. She offers a range of reads & deliveries, from confident, warm & friendly and polished to sarcastic, quirky, seductive or smooth. She’s worked on projects from companies including IBM, Cisco, 3M, Hyundai, Mattel and many more. Michelle approaches every piece of copy with freshness, fun energy & excitement. She loves the craft of bringing words on a page to life.

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Drumsmack TV is a 60-minute weekly interactive radio show hosted by professional drummer, Jeff Sorenson and is currently broadcast on TradioV, which is available in San Francisco, New York, Denver, Los Angeles and online.

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Are you ready to grow your pilates business? Expand what your studio offers? Lesley Logan’s online Profitable Pilates Group can help arm you with the tools you need for success.

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After emerging on the national music scene in 2011 with features on MTVU and MTV2, alternative rock band A MILLION PIECES has found a unique sound, hugging a line between the mainstream and indie worlds. Put together with an electrifying live show, the A MILLION PIECES has created a brand of music that has defined and unified them as a group.

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M of Hope is a gifting boutique for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, with an emphasis on breast cancer, offering items for every stage of your cancer journey.

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Amuse Creative is a Los Angeles-based media, marketing and communications firm. We are built on the principles of persistence, dedication and forward motion, and are committed to creating innovative brands and sellable media.

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Andrea Schroder started making candles at my farm as a gift for friends and family who visited, because she wanted them to leave with a special keepsake from my home. What started as a small project inher kitchen has now become something bigger. She wanted to create the best candle out there that reflect things important to her: love, light, beauty, nature, and family.