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Since 2005, I Love My Life! Coaching has been transforming professionals’ lives and careers. Alanna Levenson loves working with clients in learning how to get to the root of any challenge and to find their natural rhythm for success. Alanna partners with them in a personal discovery process where limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and old unwanted habits are set free. A client once said that she sees her as a “psychic plumber” in addressing challenges in her business. She enjoys being a guide for everyone from sales staff and managers to business owners and CEOs from a broad range of companies.

Through her company, I Love My Life! Coaching, Alanna has successfully worked with thousands of clients during the past decade via one on one coaching, corporate seminars, as well as my highly popular Think Tank Mastermind Group™. Her belief that “everyone is on their own path at their own pace” is one that puts her clients at ease so they can be at peace with where they are now, inspiring them to have a fresh outlook and maximize their opportunities at work and through the work they do.


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Mission Valley Aquatics is a Lake County based not-for-profit organization committed to raising money to design and construct an indoor swimming facility for the Mission Valley community with capital financing by donations and operated by a combination of user fees and funds from the creation of a recreation district. Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art aquatic facility that enhances the health, fitness, safety, recreation and quality of life for all in the Mission Valley.

Mission Valley Aquatics

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Wehrli Publications and Music Studio, offering cutting-edge piano instruction materials, private piano lessons and a variety of composition, recording and performance services. Founder and instructor, Barry Wehrli, has over 20 years of experience in one-on-one piano and keyboard lessons and performance as well as music production. At the Wehrli Publications Music Studio, located in Valley Village, California, students of all ages and skill levels are invited to enrich their life with the gift of music. Meet Barry at his studio to learn the specifics of his teaching methods, policies and qualifications. Initial consultations are free!

Wehrli Publications

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Pastimes for a Lifetime is committed to continuing lifelong learning, inspiring creative thinking and sharing her two favorite passions, art and piano, with others. Since 1989, Pastimes Inc. has been happily teaching students of all ages pastimes that will last a lifetime.

A lifelong artist with works in private collection owner, Linda Wehrli has been drawing since age 5 and painting since age 12. She received formal training from the art professors at Cal State Northridge and has continued to study with various artists throughout the years. She is always experimenting and searching out new ways to use and combine techniques and mediums.

Pastimes for a Lifetime

Posted by: In: 04 Mar 2013 0 comments offers naturally grown 100% authentic white clovers (Trifolium repens). The four leaf clovers are hand picked from fields of thousands and thousands of three leaf clovers.

I set this website up originally as a personal business to test and get to know online shopping carts. Through proper Search Engine Optimization, the business is now doing very well. It was even featured in the Lake County Leader.

Real Four Leaf Clover

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Based on the south end of Flathead Lake, Nunlist Enterprises, Inc. is a custom home builder offering unwavering attention to the finest detail in design and building process.

Flathead Lake Builder

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Polson Bicycle Rentals and Tours has everything you need to experience the Flathead Valley by road and mountain bike.

Polson Bikes

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Dana Goldenberg is a fashion stylist whos work has been featured on the Bravo Network, HBO, as well as many editorials and music videos.

Dana Goldenberg

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GravityDropper Adjustable Height Seatposts offer high quality mechanical seatposts for mountain bike riding. GravityDropper was the first company to offer such a product, and is still the only reliable solution for a dropper post.

Gravity Dropper