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Jenna Zaffino is a Chicago-power-house Pilates Educator, podcaster, speaker and coach. When she is not in her work-flow, you can find her trying to keep up with the dynamic duo of my son Jaxon and my husband Josh, who have spirits that keep my fuse lit!

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Lauren teaches private and duet sessions in her fully equipped home studio in Fairfax County, Virginia. She also teaches online private classes via FaceTime and Skype as well as in-person training in her clients’ homes and offices throughout Northern Virginia.

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After years of teaching regular mat classes around Los Angeles and traveling to teach workshops, Lesley wanted to create a way for more students to enjoy more Pilates. By creating online Mat and Reformer Pilates classes Lesley was able to help clients get their Pilates fix without fighting traffic or getting on a plane. And, sticking with Joseph Pilates’s desire for people to do their Mat and Reformer work regularly, she made them only 30 minutes long. So no matter how busy you are, you can take a half hour for your flow.

Lesley also offers bundles of mat classes from some of her Pilates Retreats.

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Operation Respect transforms schools, camps, and other youth-serving organizations into safer, more respectful, bully-free environments for children and youth through our social-emotional learning curriculum, professional training, and inspiring music. We provide adults the tools they need to help children and youth express their feelings constructively, resolve conflict peacefully, celebrate diversity, and engage with each other in a spirit of caring, compassion and cooperation.